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The dvm360 Leadership Challenge

dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Pet enrichment - Sep 13, 2017

It's more than toys and games, people. It's about helping our furry friends use their brains for a happier, healthier and more enriched existence. ...

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Fire at San Luis Rey Training Center: A day of tragedy and heroism

Jan 16, 2018

Nearly 500 horses were on site when a California wildfire hit the property. Equine veterinarian Chuck Jenkins saw the disaster firsthand—and helped save as many lives as possible.

Aratana receives conditional approval for canine osteosarcoma vaccine

Jan 16, 2018

Immunotherapy product may delay or prevent metastatic disease and prolong overall survival in veterinary patients.

Standing up to a storm

Jan 16, 2018

Four veterinarians share stories of facing big change in their lives: divorce, death, illness, work stress. Find out how they braced themselves against harsh conditions in their personal lives.

The chaos of compulsion

Jan 16, 2018

Canine compulsive disorder, much like OCD in humans, produces blood and leaves scars—physical and psychological wounds that affect pets and owners. After decades of research in this field, Dr. Nicholas Dodman says there is hope.

Mind Over Miller: The shoulders we all stand on

Jan 15, 2018

Dr. Robert Miller thinks Tom Brokaw was a generation off.

Medical news

Aratana receives conditional approval for canine osteosarcoma vaccine

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 16, 2018

Immunotherapy product may delay or prevent metastatic disease and prolong overall survival in veterinary patients.

Tick talks in practice


We know talking about ticks all day, every day can suck the blood—er, life—right out of you. Perhaps this data and some stories from your veterinary peers will have an idea or two worth latching onto.

IDEXX rolls out new in-clinic SDMA test

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 08, 2018

Kidney disease biomarker now available to veterinarians as part of Catalyst chemistry profile.

Journal Scan: Rabies revelation


A recent study proposes the first-ever molecular model for the cause of rabies infection-associated behavior.

Heartworm resistance: What we know (and what we don’t)

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 05, 2018

Dr. Clarke Atkins says heartworm disease is the most important disease in dogs in the U.S., and resistance—which is real—doesn’t always stem from the usual geographic suspects.

Market trends

Debt-to-income ratio: Short-term gains but long-term problems

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jan 04, 2018

Yes, this KPI of the profession’s health looks better, but the cost to educate veterinarians is still out of sync with the public’s value of their services.'s top 17 of 2017 - Jan 02, 2018

You may want to say adios to 2017, but join us for a quick walk back the articles that captured the attention of industry professionals across the country.

Your Veterinary Voice, Episode 16: Meet John Volk - Dec 21, 2017

The veterinary super analyst takes us through preventive care, corporate takeovers, industry burnout and back again in dvm360's podcast.

The year ahead: Things are looking bright for the veterinary profession

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Dec 05, 2017

While there are a few ongoing and significant concerns among the economic indicators, most signs point to 2018 shaping up well for veterinarians and team members.

New service promises an antidote for late-night client calls

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 14, 2017

GuardianVets says after-hours pet triage with licensed veterinary professionals will bond clients to your practice.