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DVM360 MAGAZINE - Aug 04, 2014

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American Humane, Zoetis recognize heroes of the veterinary profession

Dec 01, 2014

Arizona DVM, Texas veterinary technician will be recognized on Hallmark Channel Oct. 30.

UPDATE: Social media gives glimpse into veterinary clinics grappling with monster snowstorm

Nov 19, 2014

Veterinary clinics near Buffalo, N.Y., connect with clients via Facebook as snow paralyzes region.

Oregon veterinarian imprisoned in Southeast Asia

Nov 19, 2014

Stacey Addison, DVM, arrested in Timor-Leste as witness to a crime.

Laundry detergent pods, a concern for kids, can harm pets too

Nov 19, 2014

Advise your veterinary clients about this hazard—and when they need to seek your help.

Zoetis to buy Abbott Animal Health for $255 million

Nov 17, 2014

Deal, which includes veterinary products PropoFlo, Simbadol and AlphaTRAK, to close in the first quarter of 2015.

Market trends

Blog: Critics’ attack on COE is a solution in search of a problem

Nov 03, 2014

A look at the facts reveals a different picture of veterinary school accreditation than what’s being presented.

Why all the fuss about low-cost veterinary clinics?

Nov 01, 2014

Veterinarians agree that spaying and neutering pets is a good thing. Stop being so concerned about who provides the service.

Shelters and veterinarians: A look at the data

Nov 01, 2014

To take the pulse of the relationship between private practice veterinarians and shelters—a word we’re using broadly to include rescue groups, foster organizations, municipal agencies and more—dvm360 surveyed both groups. Here’s where things stand.

AVMA summit: Good news on excess capacity, bad news on veterinary degree ROI

Nov 01, 2014

Economists predict better employment situation than previously forecast but picture is bleak on lifetime payoff.

How veterinary medicine is like a T-bone steak

Nov 01, 2014

New veterinary graduates might be savoring the intangible benefits of their chosen career more than we realize—and burning the return on their educational investment.