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The dvm360 Leadership Challenge

Fear-Free: A dvm360 Leadership Challenge - Aug 01, 2015

Have you embraced this movement yet? No matter what level your veterinary practice is ready for, we've compiled everything you need to decrease patient stress and anxiety. ...

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Hello from the other side

Feb 12, 2016

It’s amazing how unexpected kindness can stop you dead in your tracks—even when you’re driving through the West Texas wind.

The client bites back

Feb 11, 2016

The new associate ignores a team member’s warning and the veterinary practice owner blows up in this story of a snappy pooch and a snippy client with an unhappy ending.

Commentary response: Distributive teaching model has done—and will do—nothing for veterinary medicine’s high standards

Feb 11, 2016

Dr. Peter Eyre’s parallels to study in human medicine miss the mark.

University of Florida veterinary professor leaves legacy of giving

Feb 10, 2016

Paul Nicoletti, long-time teacher and public health expert, considered ‘tireless advocate’ for animal health and veterinary students.

Love the one you're with

Feb 08, 2016

A financially struggling associate veterinarian crashes up against his practice owner’s unyielding ethical philosophy.

Medical news

Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Melissa Bain honored with 2016 Bustad award

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 05, 2016

Bain's career has been a boon to the human-animal bond.

Warning issued to makers of unapproved canine levothyroxine drugs

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 04, 2016

Six manufacturers receive letters from the FDA ordering them to cease marketing the veterinary products.

Surgery STAT: The finer points of laparoscopic liver biopsies

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 02, 2016

Less pain and a quicker recovery than a traditional laparotomy. Your veterinary patients will thank you, or at least give you a tail wag.

NYC’s Animal Medical Center unveils new Cancer Institute

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 01, 2016

2,470-square-foot facility equips four veterinary oncologists.

Cornell study unravels link between bariatric surgery, diabetes remission

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 01, 2016

Increased bile acid concentrations, receptor activity, help balance glucose levels, veterinary researcher finds.

Market trends

State of the Profession: What's keeping veterinarians up at night?

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 06, 2016

An in-depth look at your key concerns from dvm360's triennial survey.

Pet Owner 2.0: Your millennial veterinary clients

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 02, 2016

Here’s a definitive guide to understanding and connecting with this new generation of pet owners. The information is courtesy of generational expert Cam Marston of Generational Insights, who presented his findings recently at an event hosted by Banfield Pet Hospitals. We thought his message was important enough that the entire profession should hear it.

State of the Profession: Checking in on veterinarians’ practice ownership plans

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 01, 2016

Fewer than a third of veterinary professionals aspire to own a practice.

New corporate ownership model keeps veterinary practitioners in the driver’s seat

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 01, 2016

Veterinarians retain stake but focus exclusively on patient care.

Veterinary issues in 2016: Will this be the year of telemedicine?

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 01, 2016

We’re hearing lots of buzz surrounding this technology; the challenge is to sort the helpfulness from the hype.