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The dvm360 Leadership Challenge

Vet 2.0: A dvm360 Leadership Challenge - May 01, 2016

Veterinarians are reinventing themselves to serve pet owners in a new way and carve out careers no one could have anticipated. (Supported by an educational grant from Boehringer Ingelheim.) ...

Breaking news

Quiz: Are you a veterinary villain or hero?

Jul 27, 2016

Test your personality (and nose for news!) with this interactive quiz to help you identify your alter ego in veterinary medicine.

Last-minute snuggle spares Ollie the sheltie from euthanasia

Jul 25, 2016

Emergency veterinary team in Portland, Oregon, diagnoses tick paralysis just before dog is put down.

UC Davis equine veterinarians warn of Pistacia poisonings

Jul 21, 2016

Leaves and seeds of pistachio-related genus can cause hemolytic anemia, death in horses.

DVMs encouraged to fight for ferals Oct. 16

Jul 21, 2016

National Feral Cat Day is only possible with the help of veterinarians and veterinary technicians helping community cats and trap-neuter-return programs nationwide, according to Alley Cat Allies.

Bow-killing veterinarian's motion for new trial denied

Jul 19, 2016

Administrative law judges overseeing the case find Kristen Lindsey failed to show good cause.

Medical news

Rapamycin: A real fountain of youth?

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jul 19, 2016

Not so fast, says a leader of the Dog Aging Project who is researching this new compound touted as extending life. It's all about better health!

AAHA publishes guidelines on managing cancer in dogs and cats

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jul 13, 2016

The new oncology guidelines will help ensure veterinary patients benefit from the correct diagnosis and optimal treatment to maintain the best quality of life possible.

Journal Scan: Give vomit the ol’ heave-ho in cats receiving anesthetics and pain medications


A recent study on the effects of maropitant in cats suggests it could help prevent vomiting when taken before dexmedetomidine and morphine, with one major caveat.

Journal scan: Do cats go mad upon entering your clinic?


Trazodone may help your veterinary clinic go from Wonderland to wonderful.

Realistic dog model created in effort to replace canine cadavers for veterinary surgical teaching

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jun 21, 2016

Company seeks to place the synthetic cadavers in all accredited veterinary schools worldwide through crowdfunding campaign.

Market trends

When veterinary clients spend the most—and the least

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jul 18, 2016

Does every veterinary practice in the country get crushed by a revenue drop in the winter months? We set out to prove what every wise veterinarian seems to know.

Veterinary debt-to-income ratios: What would happen in a recession?

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Jun 02, 2016

Numerous factors could jeopardize efforts to restore sustainability.

Royal Canin develops new therapeutic treat line

DVM360 MAGAZINE - May 24, 2016

Four new types of treats will be available to pair with the company’s therapeutic diets.

Banfield report shows increase in diabetes, dental disease; decrease in heartworm

DVM360 MAGAZINE - May 17, 2016

Data from 2.5 million dogs and nearly 500 thousand cats contributes to State of Pet Health Report, which also details 10-year trends in common diseases.

The service spectrum: Exploring the dazzling array of ways to use a veterinary degree

DVM360 MAGAZINE - May 10, 2016

Think private practice is the only way to use a veterinary degree? Don’t be so black and white! Today’s veterinarian faces a rainbow of choices when it comes to using a veterinary degree—including new ways of meeting pet owners’ needs in private practice.