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The dvm360 Leadership Challenge

Fear-Free: A dvm360 Leadership Challenge - Aug 01, 2015

Have you embraced this movement yet? No matter what level your veterinary practice is ready for, we've compiled everything you need to decrease patient stress and anxiety. ...

Breaking news

University of Florida receives $11 million grant for shelter medicine program

Nov 23, 2015

Grant is largest award ever toward veterinary education received by the college of veterinary medicine at the university.

Osteoarthritis myths debunked

Dec 01, 2015

Veterinary surgeon and rehabilitation specialist Denis Marcellin-Little sets the record straight about this common condition.

Kansas State breaks ground on $2.8 million equine facility

Nov 20, 2015

Facility will offer indoor arena with hard and soft footing to better assess lameness issues in patients.

Let’s talk turkey

Nov 19, 2015

Show off your veterinary prowess and entertain Thanksgiving guests with fun facts about turkeys.

Medical news

In search of 'dognition'

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 20, 2015

What are your veterinary patients thinking? Two centers lead studies in attempt to discern canine cognition.

3 can’t-miss updates in feline veterinary nutrition

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 19, 2015

New research may lead to changes in feline diets, the benefits of food puzzles and more from Dr. Tony Buffington.

New possible Cushing’s treatments work at root cause

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 12, 2015

Prominent endocrinologist says veterinarians may soon be able to do more than treat clinical signs.

Veterinarians could lose access to ketamine if drug is reclassified

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Oct 27, 2015

World Health Organization mulling international control of veterinary anesthetic, categorization as highly abused substance.

Heed these 10 warnings to protect your patients from pharmacists' errors

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Oct 22, 2015

Congress may soon mandate that we hand over a prescription for veterinary drugs we've traditionally dispensed. Note these critical differences between human and veterinary practices—and contact your congressperson to object to the bill.

Market trends

Nationwide offers broad-sweeping insurance plan for veterinary clients

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 06, 2015

Whole Pet with Wellness plan expands coverage, reimburses 90 percent of eligible costs.

Report pinpoints heavy veterinary shortage in Appalachia

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 03, 2015

75 percent of rural counties underserved; data could drive increased loan forgiveness, analysts say.

Upset about veterinary debt? Don’t blame the students

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 01, 2015

Veterinary students in general are managing their debt within reason; solutions to this massive problem will have to come from elsewhere.

Prefer canines? Maybe it's time to go dog-only

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 01, 2015

This veterinarian decided to focus on the species she really loved—and has seen her practice grow as a result.

The F-word

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 01, 2015

Don't let 'feline' be a bad word in your veterinary practice.