6 easy ways to market your dental services

6 easy ways to market your dental services

Feb 01, 2010
By dvm360.com staff

If you believe in the importance of pet dental health, it's easier to convince clients. Consider these marketing tips:

1. Show before-and-after photos of pets that undergo dental cleaning.

2. Place photo albums or displays in your waiting room or exam rooms with dental success stories.

3. Give away toothbrush kits with all dental cleanings.

4. Throw an open house. Consider offering free dental exams, free dental report cards or discounts to kick-start your program. Invite attendees to tour your practice, and ask pharmaceutical and food companies to exhibit and distribute samples of dental products.

5. Offer to contribute to an article on pet dentistry in the local newspaper.

6. Give lectures at breed clubs, schools or churches in your area.

Portia Stewart is the former editor of Firstline and a freelance writer in Lenexa, Kan.