AAEP set for Denver meeting

AAEP set for Denver meeting

Nov 01, 2004
By dvm360.com staff

DENVER—Fifty years of service will be commemorated at the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) convention in December.

Summary of EventsRich Pitino, Thoroughbred owner and head basketball coach for the University of Louisville will open the meeting as the keynote speaker.

Dr. Peter Rossdale, neonatal and perinatal specialist will deliver the Milne Lecture, with the focus of discussion on the maladjusted foal.

A seminar on unwanted horses and a review of controversial issues that face equine practitioners today will take place with emphasis on the plight of the unwanted horse.

A live horse demonstration will include tips on how to manage problematic horses and devote a half-day program on farrier techniques.

Two sessions will take place on practice management including the use of equine NCVEI tools and techniques for the equine practice. The benefits of veterinary management groups and a three-hour seminar by Marsha Heinke, DVM, on managing personal decisions, diagnosing practice health and optimizing the value of a veterinary practice will also take place.

A workshop by the ABVP on board certification in equine practice will be held. The AAEP 50th anniversary committee will unveil a 50-year review on the history of AAEP entitled "Horse Doctors."

Photographs by equine photographer David Stoecklein adorn the publication .

Diamond Rio will also perform for attendees.

Wet laboratories, early sessions and trade shows will be part of the conference with dozens of presentations and sessions to interest various aspects of equine medicine.