AAHA celebrates 75 years

AAHA celebrates 75 years

May 01, 2008

Lakewood, Colo. — Created in 1933 to help "pet doctors" boost the standards of companion-animal care, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) is marking its 75th anniversary.

AAHA officials cite such accomplishments as helping change society's view of pets and improving veterinary care and the role of women in the profession.

Historical highlights include:

  • 1933: AAHA is founded, and the Eastman Small Animal Clinic in Moline, Ill., becomes the first AAHA headquarters.
  • 1935: A Committee on Food is created to address the quality of dog foods.
  • 1938: Four products earn the Committee's seal of approval. The American Veterinary Medical Association reports major food quality improvements by 1941. The committee and its pet-food inspection duties later become part of the Food and Drug Administration.
  • 1943: AAHA publishes a "To Your Dog's Health" pamphlet given to members for client distribution.
  • 1964: Animal Hospital, later named the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, is established as AAHA's official journal.
  • 1968: Hospital inspections are halted through 1969 as new standards are developed.
  • 1978: The AAHA Foundation is created for veterinary research.
  • 1992: AAHA moves to its current headquarters in Lakewood, Colo.
  • 1996: AAHA launches http://www.healthypet.com,/ a pet-owner Web site.
  • 2003: The AAHA Canine Vaccine Guidelines debut.
  • 2004: AAHA Helping Pets Fund is created.
  • 2005: AAHA publishes the Dental Care Guidelines for Dogs and Cats and revises the AAHA Standards of Accreditation.
  • 2007: The AAHA/American Association of Feline Practitioners Pain Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats and the AAHA Referral Guidelines are published.
  • 2008: The AAHA Seal of Acceptance is established for pet-insurance policies, and evaluation guidelines are released.