AAHA readies for consumer advertising push on Animal Planet in 2010

AAHA readies for consumer advertising push on Animal Planet in 2010

Oct 25, 2009
Denver -- The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) plans to kick off a $1 million, eight-month consumer advertising campaign in January.

According to Dr. John Albers, executive director of the association, the campaign will include spots on Animal Planet including its popular Puppy Bowl – a program that airs simultaneously during the Super Bowl. The show reportedly ranks second in viewership on Super Bowl Sunday and comes with a batch of all-star, all-adoptable puppies, an official, a veterinarian, top play-by-play announcer and a kitten half-time show.

In 2008, the program reeled in some 8 million viewers.

"We want to create awareness about AAHA accreditation, but it's more than that because we also want to create awareness about the need for veterinary care," Albers says.

The consumer advertising campaign will be funded from proceeds from the association's sale of MarketLink, Albers adds.

"For years, I have always regretted the fact that we haven't been able to do a better job in communicating with the public on what distinguishes an AAHA-accredited practice, and the effort people go through to achieve accreditation. Now we have a chance to give back to our members by trying to create additional visibility for AAHA."

Editor's Note: The November issue of DVM Newsmagazine contained an inaccuracy. AAHA's advertising campaign will be directed almost exclusively to Animal Planet including sponsorship spots on the show's popular Puppy Bowl, considered counter-programming with the Super Bowl.