AAHA releases new behavior guide

AAHA releases new behavior guide

Feb 21, 2009
By dvm360.com staff
Lakewood, Colo. -- A new guide to help veterinarians counsel pet owners about behavior problems has been developed by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA).

The guide offers practical, hands-on advice for veterinarians and team members to address behavior issues early on, and includes a CD with handouts practices can print and send home with pet owners.

Unresolved behavior problems account for about 15 percent of annual lost client base, according to AAHA research, and pets also are more likely to be given up or euthanized because of behavior issues than infectious diseases, neoplastic and metabolic diseases combined.

The guide offers a team approach to free up more of a veterinarian's time, so that technicians and staff can lead the behavior problem. It focuses on training animals at an early age, when they can be easily molded and before behavior issues become a problem.

"First Steps with Puppies and Kittens: A Practice-Team Approach to Behavior" will be available in early March and can be obtained by calling AAHA at (800) 833-6301.