AAHA updates neurological guide

AAHA updates neurological guide

Mar 21, 2002
By dvm360.com staff


The recently-released second edition, Neurological Examination for the Busy Practitioner, is designed to be a quick-access reference tool for veterinarians who perform such exams.

Published by the American Animal Hospital Association, the 128-page paperback guides readers through various steps of the neurological exam, including:

-assessment of mental status and behavior;

-cranial nerves;

-gait and movement;

-proprioception and the postural reactions; and

-myotactic reflexes.

The book is written by Mary Smith, DVM, a 16-year veteran of clinical neurology. It costs $49 for AAHA members; $60 for nonmembers.

To order a copy, call (800) 883-6301 or (303) 986-2800 or visit the Web site at http://www.aahanet.org.