Adoptions up for cats, but flat for dogs over the last year

Adoptions up for cats, but flat for dogs over the last year

Feb 01, 2011

National Report — The number of dogs adopted from animal welfare organizations (AWO) was flat over the last year, but cat adoptions increased 3 percent, according to recent figures from Pet Point, an animal management software company.

The new figures from Pet Point compare data collected from animal-control agencies, humane societies, rescue organizations and other animal-welfare groups over the last year, from November 2009 to November 2010.

Euthanizations decreased by 3 percent for cats and 9 percent for dogs, according to Pet Point, and the number of cats returned to their owners decreased 6 percent, while the same number for dogs was flat. The number of animals that died while in the care of animal welfare organizations, excluding euthanizations, went down by 13 percent for cats but up by 7 percent for dogs.

Adoption fees increased for puppies and dogs by 5 percent and 2 percent, respectively, and also for kittens by 4 percent. Adoption fees for adult cats, however, were on the decline, dropping 11 percent over the last year.

Additionally, the number of cats returned to shelters from owners who had previously adopted there was up 16 percent, while the same rate for dogs increased by only 7 percent.

The numbers of cats and dogs seized by law enforcement and turned over to AWOs increased from 2009 to 2010, with cat seizures up by 42 percent and dog seizures up by 9 percent.