An ailing veterinary profession: Your complete resource


An ailing veterinary profession: Your complete resource

This groundbreaking package from the portfolio shares new data about veterinarians' finances and strategies and solutions that will make you feel more in control of your future.
Jan 26, 2014
By staff

At dvm360, Veterinary Economics, Veterinary Medicine and Firstline, we’re setting out to tackle and solve the top obstacles facing veterinary professionals and their patients. How? Through the 2014 Leadership Challenge series.

In this first Leadership Challenge installment, “An ailing profession,” we take a hard look at veterinarians’ financial health based on the results of a brand-new piece of research: the VPI-Veterinary Economics Financial Health Study. To set the scene, check out this animated short film.

Now, here's coverage, analysis, solutions and tools from your favorite veterinary journals, plus Web-exclusive content from

Six diagnostic indicators that the profession's really in trouble
An overview of the key findings from the VPI-Veterinary Economics Financial Health Study.

Solving the profession's problems one crazy idea at a time
Let's talk big ideas. Crazy ideas. This-would-totally-work-in-a-parallel-universe, best-idea-that-came-out-of-a-hotel-bar ideas.

Video: Take on more debt? Are you crazy?
It may seem counterintuitive, but Dr. Karen Felsted says borrowing money to buy a practice is one of the fastest ways to get out from under massive student loan payments. (Click the link above or the play button below.)

An ailing profession: Money matters
It's time to gain control over your financial health in veterinary practice—and Veterinary Economics is here to help.

5-year veterinary practice turnaround
When a practice owner needs to sell soon but fears the practice is worth too little.

Sample veterinarian personal finance budget
Got budget? Most of us don't. But veterinarians are smart--too smart to ignore this vital tool to take charge of their own and their families' futures.

Create a complete picture of health: How to cultivate client compliance
Are you puzzled why your clients aren't following through on your advice? Try these five tips, and your practice could be well on its way to good health for all.

An ailing profession: Veterinary team pay
Exclusive Firstline salary data reveals veterinary team pay has been largely stagnant, with signs of recovery across positions and a growing demand for technicians.

Build your veterinary practice and earn more
Help your veterinary practice grow and help more clients and pets, and you can ultimately earn more yourself.

Tasks veterinary technicians can perform
Review this summary of duties credentialed technicians and veterinary assistants are allowed to perform.

Why team members leave the veterinary profession
Find out what's driving veterinary team members from practices.