American Humane Association establishes new advisory committee

American Humane Association establishes new advisory committee

Jun 05, 2010
By staff
Denver, Colo. -- The American Humane Association (AHA) has established an Animal Behavior and Training Advisory Committee comprised of some of the most prominent experts in the industry.

According to the AHA, the committee will create a new culture of collaboration and partnership by joining and participating in coalitions of organizations to derive the most good for the broadest number of constituencies.

"It is our objective, as an organization, to increasingly be viewed as a valuable and meaningful repository and source of information that will grow professional capacity and competency in expanding human-animal interactions awareness and work," says George Casey, interim president and chief executive officer of the AHA.

According to the AHA, the committee will:

> oversee and provide guidance for an upcoming National Pet Dog Training Summit;
> provide content and editorial advice and oversight for the American Humane Animal Behavior Resources Institute Online;
> provide advice, direction, oversight, and guidance related to ongoing objectives for the AHA's Human-Animal Interactions programs that are consistent with the topics of animal behavior and training; and
> assist in developing principles and position statements to be adopted by the AHA.

The committee will be chaired by Dr. Marie S. McCabe, senior vice president of the AHA's Human-Animal Interactions Program.