Animal Planet in AAHA's sights for new campaign

Apr 03, 2009
By staff
Phoenix -- A new million-dollar campaign to increase awareness among pet owners of choosing accredited care services has been launched by the American Animal Hospital Association.

The new Accreditation Awareness Campaign was launched by the AAHA Board of Directors last month and is being funded though earnings from last summer's AAHA MARKETLink sale to MWI Veterinary Supply. The bulk of the $1 million investment will be used for a presence on Animal Planet and will be supplemented by an increasing online presence during the first six months of 2010, according to AAHA.

The three phases of the campaign are to introduce, engage and entrench pet owners. The first phase already has begun and will run through 2009. It will educate AAHA members about the campaign and help them brand their accreditation within their practices. The second phase will begin in January 2010 with sponsorship and advertising on animal planet. The final phase, beginning in 2011, will be to further spread the campaign's message to the general public.