Another company recalls pet products with peanuts

Another company recalls pet products with peanuts

Feb 13, 2009
By staff
National Report -- Another company voluntarily recalled a number of pet-foods products made with peanut ingredients from a Georgia plant in the wake of a national Salmonella outbreak that has made one dog and hundreds of people sick.

American Nutrition Inc. on Feb. 10 issued a voluntary recall of numerous products, including Vita Bone Flavors Dog Treats in various sizes, Peanut Butter Vita Snacks, Farm Style Assorted Dog Biscuits, Hill Country Fare Dog biscuits in several flavors and sizes, several varieties of Integrity Dog Biscuits, Northwest Royal Dog Biscuits, Mill Creek Dog Biscuits, Premium Smarty Dog Biscuits Springfield Prize Multi-Flavor Dog Biscuits, Western Family Biscuits, Nex Gen Pet Products Small Assorted Biscuits and a number of bulk dog biscuit products.

Customers who bought any of the products can contact the company at 1-800-257-4530. A full listing of recalled items can be found here.

The outbreak started in January, and contaminated peanut products were traced to a Georgia processing plant owned by the Peanut Corp. of America (PCA). Numerous items have been recalled, including pet foods, and Congress has been hearing testimony about the company's business practices.

A second PCA plant in Texas was shut down this week, and PCA filed for bankruptcy Feb. 13 in Virginia. An investigation of PCA is being conducted by the Food and Drug Administration.