Another day for Everest

Another day for Everest

Jul 01, 2008
By staff

OAK GLEN, CALIF. — Bronchitis and pleurisy ended Dr. Michael Andrews' bid to summit Mt. Everest this spring.

On the trail: Veterinarian Michael Andrews says it was an experience of a lifetime, but he isn't sure if he'll try again to scale the world's highest peak.
The California veterinarian decided to call it quits, for now, after struggling with illness that would not resolve even with antibiotics.

An extended stay at Everest's base camp and a retreat to lower altitudes didn't help cure his respiratory problems.

"I was disappointed, but didn't really have much choice about it. There's never a guarantee. Sometimes it's weather, but I never expected health to be the determining factor," says Andrews, a hobbyist climber who was featured in the March issue of DVM Newsmagazine.

While Andrews calls the Himalayan vistas breathtaking, he still is undecided if he will take another shot at Everest.