Apps for veterinary clients: 'Why can't I just do it on my smartphone?'

Apps for veterinary clients: 'Why can't I just do it on my smartphone?'

Pet owners every day are asking that question—or thinking it—when it comes to your veterinary practice. Consider this new survey from a veterinary smartphone app company.
Mar 27, 2017

This cat is disappointed she can't schedule her next visit with you on your app. Why are you disappointing this cat? (Getty Images)Some people have so many app icons on their iPhone screen, you wonder how they ever remember if an app is on page one or page one-hundred-and-one. But apps continue to be a meaningful way for consumers to connect to businesses. Not surprisingly, perhaps, data from Vet2Pet (a veterinary-app maker) shows that pet owners overwhelmingly prefer using apps to making phone calls.

Here's what you probably guessed already:

  • 86% of pet owners are comfortable with most apps
  • 74% use at least one app daily.

And here's what these pet owners would want to do on a veterinary-practice app:

  • Check clinic hours: 73%
  • Make appointments: 69%
  • Use their veterinarian’s loyalty program (if offered): 69%
  • Look at their pet’s medical record: 57%
  • Look for veterinary articles: 53%
  • Order medication: 42%

Dive deeper and you get a sense for how much smartphone app tapping is beating smartphone mouth yapping for client interactions outside a veterinary practice:

  Like app better than phone call* Like app equal to phone call Like app less than phone call Don't use/
Don't know
Make appointments 50% 34% 12% 3%
Order medication 40% 30% 13% 17%
Order pet food 34% 23% 14% 29%
Check clinic hours 67% 22% 6% 5%
Look for veterinary info 57% 23% 7% 14%
Access pet's medical record 55% 27% 5% 13%
*NOTE: Totals may not equal 100 due to rounding.        

The survey was conducted by Colorado State University associate professor Lori Kogan, PhD, in partnership with Vet2Pet. The sample included 610 respondents who lived in the United States, had at least one dog or cat, and had a regular veterinarian they'd seen in the past 12 months.

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