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Equine news


New members join American Association of Equine Practitioners board

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Jan 01, 2015

President, vice president, treasurer and board members will serve through 2017.


The spectacle of the mane event

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Jan 01, 2015

An injury to a horse's leg results in an unusually hairy situation.


Equine drug Gastrotec recalled until manufacturer obtains FDA approval

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Dec 17, 2014

Omeprazole-misoprostol combo marketed to public without safety and efficacy data, FDA says.


Data suggest veterinary market will improve in 2015

dvm360.com : Dec 17, 2014

Forecasts predict an increase in GDP and consumers’ disposable income.


AVMA makes last-ditch effort to convince lame duck Congress to vote on soring bill

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Dec 05, 2014

If Past Act doesn't pass with 113th Congress, veterinary leaders fear it will be impossible in 2015.


Veterinary report implicates contaminated feed in deaths of three horses

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Dec 03, 2014

Horse owners, equine center seek large settlement from Lakeland Animal Nutrition as result of monensin poisoning.


New grading system could improve survival times in some horses with colic

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Nov 18, 2014

System helps veterinarians determine whether small intestine should be removed.


UC-Davis expands equine ophthalmology services to meet demand

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Nov 06, 2014

Veterinarians will have access to specialty tests and procedures for complex cases.


Brother now charged with the death of veterinarian Emily Champion and their parents

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Nov 04, 2014

Ryan Champion faces four capital murder charges for the deaths of his family and the initial suspect, as well as one count of kidnapping.


Colic: The most common equine killer

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Nov 01, 2014

With close to a million reported cases annually, equine colic is responsible for more deaths than any other disease group. Learn how veterinarians are rapidly assessing and treating this condition.