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Equine news


New grading system could improve survival times in some horses with colic

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Nov 18, 2014

System helps veterinarians determine whether small intestine should be removed.


UC-Davis expands equine ophthalmology services to meet demand

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Nov 06, 2014

Veterinarians will have access to specialty tests and procedures for complex cases.


Brother now charged with the death of veterinarian Emily Champion and their parents

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Nov 04, 2014

Ryan Champion faces four capital murder charges for the deaths of his family and the initial suspect, as well as one count of kidnapping.


Colic: The most common equine killer

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Nov 01, 2014

With close to a million reported cases annually, equine colic is responsible for more deaths than any other disease group. Learn how veterinarians are rapidly assessing and treating this condition.


Top 5 trees poisonous to large animals

Pet Poison Helpline : Nov 01, 2014

Do you know the clinical signs of these tree-related toxicoses and how to help affected patients?


Veterinarian, parents murdered at their western Kentucky home

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Oct 27, 2014

Police still searching for a motive in the triple homicide.


New survey explores veterinarians' lives as parents

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Oct 07, 2014

Confidential questions to look at choices DVMs make to balance veterinary hospital and child-rearing duties.


Cornell Ruffian Equine Facility reopens on Long Island

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Oct 01, 2014

State-of-the-art medical center makes a comeback—and honors a racing great.


CSU veterinary school gains $42.6 mil. in private donations

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Sep 26, 2014

College of veterinary medicine held the top spot for financial gifts as the university breaks fundraising records with $143.3 mil.


Veterinarian becomes sole equine sports medicine specialist in Wisconsin

DVM360 MAGAZINE : Sep 24, 2014

Associate professor the only veterinarian in the state to be board-certified in equine sports medicine and rehabilitation—plus more veterinary news from around the country.