AVD welcomes equine fellows

Oct 12, 2001
By dvm360.com staff

The Academy of Veterinary Dentistry (AVD), providing fellowship status to qualifying small animal veterinarians for 13 years, has drafted a plan to extend such status to its equine colleagues.

Equine veterinarians who have maintained a 24-month case log with 527 specified disciplines can attain fellowship status by passing a qualifying examination in July 2002.

Other prerequisites for application to the academy are:

  • Five years in general practice or completion of a dental residency through an American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) approved veterinary dental program; or
  • Three years as an intern in a dental referral specialty practice.

Applicants must also have been members of the American Veterinary Dental Society for two years prior to application.

The AVD recognizes private practitioners who have devoted significant efforts to provide advanced veterinary dental care and to further veterinary dental research, according to Dr. Fraser Hale, FAVD, dipl. AVDC, one of the 69 fellows of the AVD.

For more information, contact Hale at (519) 787-0292.