AVMA House torpedoes research animal policy revision

AVMA House torpedoes research animal policy revision

Jul 09, 2009
By dvm360.com staff

Seattle – An AVMA resolution was quietly killed this afternoon that would have revised its policy on use of random-source dogs and cats for research, testing and education.

The controversial resolution, submitted by the AVMA’s House Advisory Committee, called on the association to oppose the use of live animals “procured from animal shelters or the use of live animals procured from dealers” for use in veterinary education.

Without a word, the House of Delegates scuttled the resolution during a voice vote. In June, the organization’s Executive Board sided against proposed revisions to the policy statement.

In a statement about the resolution, its authors say the revisions were only focused on use of live animals specifically from animal shelters.

“The AVMA should not support a policy whereby animals who are abandoned, neglected or simply lost are relocated to a research or testing facility instead of a loving home or, where necessary, humanely euthanized," the resolution said.

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