AVMF volunteers fix up 3 area shelters in Seattle

Jul 13, 2009
By dvm360.com staff
Seattle -- Veterinarian volunteers made improvements, not only to an equine rescue facility as announced earlier, but also to two Seattle area pet shelters during the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) convention.

More than 200 helped with the clean-up, fix-up work as part of the AVMA Foundation’s “Our Oath in Action” “voluntourism” event, during which they painted buildings, built fences, relocated and rebuilt a storage barn, prepared cats and dogs for adoption and cleaned kennels and exercise yards, among other activities. It was the second year the group’s philanthropic arm organized the volunteer effort. Last year in New Orleans, it arranged for attendees to help refurbish animal shelters that had been damaged during Hurricane Katrina.

The “Our Oath in Action” program is sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Bayer Animal Health, which provided transportation, t-shirts and other materials for volunteers.

This year’s Seattle area beneficiaries were Hope for Horses in Snohomis, Wash.; King County Animal Care in Kent, Wash.; and Seattle Animal Shelter in Seattle.