Barbaro hits a rough patch

Barbaro hits a rough patch

Jul 10, 2006
By staff

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. - 7/10/06 - The plate and many of the screws that had been inserted into Barbaro's injured hind leg were replaced Saturday by Dr. Dean Richardson, chief of surgery, University of Pennsylvania.

Barbaro developed discomfort and a consistently elevated temperature, so the hardware was removed, and the site of the infection was cleaned thoroughly, Richardson says in a prepared statement. A longer cast was applied on that leg for additional support.

While the main fracture is healing well, the pastern joint is still a concern. The joint was stabilized with new implants and a fresh bone graft, the university reports.

Barbaro is in the Intensive Care Unit and is receiving pain medication, antibiotics and other supportive care.

Richardson says the horse's complications are "potentially serious."