Best in show: Banfield presents four awards at industry summit

Best in show: Banfield presents four awards at industry summit

Aug 29, 2012
By staff

During the 11th annual Pet Healthcare Industry Summit, hosted by Banfield Pet Hospital on August 14-15, Banfield presented four recipients with an Industry Summit award—prior to the event, nominations were submitted by attendees. Award recipients included:

Best Educational Innovation Award 2012: The Veterinary Leadership Experience through Washington State University (recipients: Rick DeBowes, DVM, MS, DACVS and Kathy Ruby, PhD). This award is given annually to a leading-edge continuing education program for veterinarians, technicians and other veterinary professionals.

Best Advancement in Preventive Care Award 2012: Partnership for Preventive Pet Healthcare. This award is given annually to a person or company that has taken a leadership role in moving preventive care to the forefront of the veterinary profession or helped raise awareness around the importance of preventive care for pets.

Best Medical Innovation Award 2012: Elanco Animal Health for Trifexis. This award is given annually to a company whose product or service has improved the quality of care pets received or educated veterinary professionals about a new medical advancement.

John Payne Industry Leadership Award 2012: Phillip D. Nelson, DVM, PhD, dean of Western University of Health Sciences. Awarded for the first time, this honor will be given annually to a person who propelled the industry forward through innovative thinking and leadership and brought significant improvements to the industry as a whole.

“There’s no better forum for bringing veterinary leaders together than Industry Summit,” says Tony Ueber, Banfield president and CEO. “It provides a platform for key industry leaders to collaborate and find common ground to affect change on current veterinary issues. However, Summit isn’t just about problem-solving; it’s also about celebrating accomplishments and recognizing excellence in the industry. This year’s award-winners brought significant changes and improvements to the profession and I’m proud to recognize such accomplishments.”