Breed wars

Breed wars

Nov 15, 2010
By staff

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Consumer demand for purebred and cross-bred puppies coupled with strict new domestic breeding laws is believed to be driving importation numbers higher and higher. To exacerbate the problem, federal regulators have no real way of tracking exactly how many dogs are brought in the country, where they come from, where they are going and whether importers are following up on vaccination requirements for underage puppies.

Here we tackle the issue from every angle and give you the latest updates.

States crack down on puppy mills
At last count, 287,000 dogs crossed U.S. borders, and officials fear importation problems are getting worse

Inside the black market: puppy smuggling
New animal health risks posed by growing illegal dog importation

Understanding pet overpopulation
Some argue it's a distribution problem; shelters say we're still killing adoptable animals

AKC registrations continue to decline
NAIA attempts to create pet census to look at total numbers of animals in United States

Supply and demand: Shelter-animal relocation raises infectious disease concerns
Shelters are moving hundreds of animals from place to place to avoid euthanasia, but veterinarians warn of infectious disease issues

AVMA drafts guidance for breeder bills
Puppy mill laws still showing up on state agendas
Changes in state laws shut down dog kennels
PUPS legislation aims to close loopholes on Internet puppy sales
West Hollywood mulls ban on retail pet sales
Growth of exotics climbs along with illegal importation problem

Business tips
Breed-specific wellness care: How to design a program around a patient's risks, history

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