British Columbia requires veterinarians to float teeth

Jun 01, 2006
By staff

DVM Newsbreak
VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA — The Supreme Court of British Columbia issued a broad injunction that prohibits non-veterinarians from performing any dental procedures or using a title, such as equine dentist, that might lead people to believe they are registered under the territory's Veterinarians Act.

The British Columbia Veterinary Medical Association (BCVMA) sought the injunction against Bill Bishop, a farrier who founded The Horse's Mouth Equine Dentistry, which he had operated for a number of years, according to BCVMA. The high court decided that non-veterinarians who provide animal dentistry are performing the unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine.

"The court has sent a clear message regarding the public protection role of the Veterinarians Act and the BCVMA," says BCVMA President Dr. J. Andrew Forsyth. "We will continue to regulate the practice of veterinary medicine in B.C. to ensure that the public and its animals are served by a qualified, competent and caring profession."