Bush signs law authorizing veterinary grants

Bush signs law authorizing veterinary grants

Sep 11, 2008
By dvm360.com staff
WASHINGTON - President Bush signed the Higher Education Reauthorization Bill into law last month, paving the way for a veterinary grant program that would increase the number of veterinarians in public health practice and research. The law hadn't been updated in more than a decade.

The bill contains the School of Veterinary Medicine Competitive Grant Program, a scaled-down version of the Veterinary Public Health Workforce Expansion Act.

While it does provide a means to increase veterinarians where there is a shortage, the program does not designate a set amount of funding.

Schools awarded funds can use the money to expand departments or academic programs, make minor renovations or offer additional training.

While the competitive-grant program allows for minor renovations, the workforce-expansion act authorizing $1.5 billion over a 10-year period would fund major construction projects at the schools.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is moving forward with support for the expansion act.