Calif. spay/neuter bill scrapped again

Calif. spay/neuter bill scrapped again

Sep 09, 2009
By staff
Sacramento, Calif. -- A California bill requiring all dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age has failed -- again.

Senate Bill 250 was introduced in February to reprise a similar bill that was voted down last year.

The most recent incarnation of the bill, defeated Sept. 8 on the Assembly floor by a vote of 42 to 28, required mandatory spaying and neutering by 6 months of age for most dogs and cats. Unsterilized animals would have been permitted by special permit. However, if those animals were found roaming outdoors they would have been impounded at owners' expense.

The earlier version of the bill included a forced sterilization if the animal was found roaming three times. Both bills carried hefty fines for violations.

No further action on the issue has been scheduled.