CATalyst Council forms to tackle feline issues

CATalyst Council forms to tackle feline issues

Jul 24, 2008
By staff
New Orleans -- A new council was formed to address feline health issues.

Announced at the recently concluded American Veterinary Medical Association, the CATalyst Council was created to address "alarming statistics about feline health care and welfare in the United States."

Dan Kramer, senior marketing manager for Pfizer Animal Health will serve as chair. Other members include Robert Rohde, president of the Dumb Friends League (vice chair); Dr. Jane Brunt, CATalyst Summit chair and past president of the American Association of Feline Practitioners; Cal Morgan, president of the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators; Dr. John Albers, American Animal Hospital Association, Dr. Jack Stephens, Pets Best Insurance; Dr. Alexis Nahama, VCA Animal Hospitals; Dr. Patricia N. Olson, Morris Animal Foundation and Steve Dale, a syndicated columnist and radio host.

The council reports that cats are twice as likely as dogs to not see a veterinarian, leaving many undiagnosed and untreated for illness, disease, pain and discomfort. The council was formed to help improve healthcare for felines, encourage responsible pet ownership, enhance the stature of cats and enrich lives.

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