Celebrity puppets promote pet vaccination at CVC Washington, D.C.

Celebrity puppets promote pet vaccination at CVC Washington, D.C.

Puppets Mutt and Kitty launch a campaign in the dvm360 News Zone to raise awareness on the importance of vaccination.
Jun 01, 2012
By dvm360.com staff

Having the flu is ruff! Mutt, voiced by Sesame Street and Muppets puppeteer Peter Linz, told CVC Washington, D.C., attendees about his bout with canine influenza.
Washington, D.C. — Giant puppets entertained and educated exhibit hall attendees at the dvm360 News Zone at CVC Washington, D.C., on April 27. DVM Newsmagazine editor Ashley Barforoush interviewed Mutt, played by celebrity puppeteer Peter Linz, and Kitty as they announced their support of pet vaccination in a national campaign sponsored by Merck Animal Health.

That's the spot!: DVM Newsmagazine reporter Ashley Barforoush gives celebrity spokespuppet Kitty an ear-scratch during their Q& session.
Linz is best known for his voices on television shows, such as Sesame Street (he's played Kermit the Frog and numerous other characters), Blue's Clues and Bear in the Big Blue House. He was also the voice and puppeteer for the character Walter in The Muppets movie released in 2011 starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams.

Attendees and their children filled the dvm360 News Zone to hear Mutt and Kitty's playful banter during three live interviews throughout the day. The furry candidates announced their positions on the most important issues in the veterinary world, such as belly rubs, cat naps and—of course—compliance with vaccination protocols.

Mutt said they launched this campaign at CVC Washington, D.C., because most pets don't receive the vaccinations they need.

"And recently, vaccination rates have fallen even further. It's CAT-astrophic," Kitty said during a question-and-answer session.

The dog and cat duo want to work with veterinarians to deliver vaccination messages to pet owners across the map. Mutt and Kitty will host a series of events throughout the year, shaking paws along the campaign trail and raising awareness about the benefits of pet vaccination. Veterinary clinics can follow their progress and participate in the "Vote for Vaccination" campaign by visiting http://mypet.com/.