Children’s picture book aims to inspire future generation of veterinarians

Children’s picture book aims to inspire future generation of veterinarians

After seeing books about pirates and fairies but none about the ‘best profession in the world,’ Dr. Ruth MacPete set about to write one herself.
Jul 02, 2018

Lisette the Vet, a new children’s picture book by Ruth MacPete, DVM, features a smart, animal-loving little girl who wants to become a veterinarian:

Lisette loves animals: big or little, furry or feathery, even slimy or scaly. Well ... almost all animals. When her class gets a new pet, she can’t wait to meet him. When she finally meets Fluffy, he is not what she expected. Then disaster strikes! Will Lisette the Vet save the day?

Dr. MacPeteDr. MacPete, who’s been writing about pet health for 15 years as a way to connect with pet parents and share veterinary knowledge, says Lisette’s story has been six years in the making. She tells dvm360 that she was inspired to pen Lisette the Vet while reading to her children.

“After reading countless books to my young kids I realized there were a lot of picture books about fairies, monsters, pirates, princesses, super heroes and more, but not a lot of picture books about the best profession in the world—veterinary medicine,” she says. “Instead of dreaming of becoming a princess I wanted to encourage my daughter to become a veterinarian.”

Dr. MacPete hopes to inspire children to overcome their fears and to believe in themselves. “And of course I want children to share my passion for veterinary medicine and to become inspired to become future veterinarians,” she says.

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