Colorado State veterinarians fit calf with two prosthetic legs

Nov 08, 2009
By staff
Fort Collins, Colo. -- A 15-member veterinary surgical team at Colorado State University (CSU) recently fit two prosthetic limbs on a yearling calf.

It's believed to be the first time a cow has received two prosthetic limbs in this way, reports CSU veterinarian Dr. Robert Callan. Veterinarians applied the same technology on the calf that was used for a prosthetic limb placement on a Saluki dog rescued from Kuwait more than a year ago that had lost its leg.

The calf was rescued from a New Mexico-based feedlot after losing its two lower back legs to frostbite. The prosthetics, developed by Denver-based OrthoPets, were fitted to the lower end of the calf's thighs, replacing its ankles and feet.