Comprehensive coverage of illness associated with chicken jerky treats

Comprehensive coverage of illness associated with chicken jerky treats

The cause of illness is yet unknown, but FDA continues to investigate and issue warnings against jerky products sourced from China.
Nov 15, 2013
By staff

Nestlé Purina settles jerky lawsuit for $6.5 million
Deal requires compensation for pet owners, changes in manufacturing and testing of Waggin Train treats.

Veterinarians' case studies aid FDA jerky investigation
Two retailers ban treats made in China; search for cause continues; death toll rises.

Manufacturers confident in revamped chicken jerky products
Milo's Kitchen exits China while Purina remains to produce Chicken Jerky Tenders.

Nearly 600 U.S. pet deaths associated with Chinese jerky treats; cause is still elusive
Australian research blames unknown toxin; FDA encourages veterinarians to submit reports, data and urine samples from suspected cases.

Dogswell jerky products recalled for antibiotic residue
Contaminated products contain chicken and duck breast products sourced from China.

Inspection of Chinese poultry-processing plants may signal opening for imported poultry for human consumption
FDA continues to investigate pet illnesses associated with Chinese chicken products.

Detection of antibiotic residue leads to nationwide recall of dog treats
Milo's Kitchen, Waggin' Train and Canyon Creek Ranch brands have pulled affected treats from retailer shelves.

Death toll associated with chicken jerky treats reaches 360; illnesses at 2,200
Despite extensive testing a cause of illness has not been revealed.

Pet owners find lack of chicken jerky recall, FDA warning unacceptable
A class action lawsuit is filed against manufacturers who maintain the products, made in China, are safe.

FDA warns consumers to take caution when feeding pets chicken jerky products imported from China
Cause of illness is still unknown, but complaints range from decreased appetite to possible kidney failure.

Dog's death leads to federal lawsuit over chicken jerky treats from China
Case highlights ongoing concerns of veterinarians and pet owners over FDA warnings.

FDA issues health warning to veterinarians, pet owners about chicken jerky products from China

More complaints; more caution from FDA about chicken jerky products for dogs

AVMA warns of potential threat to pets