Comprehensive coverage of reality TV veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol

Comprehensive coverage of reality TV veterinarian Dr. Jan Pol

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Feb 11, 2015
By staff

Reality TV's Dr. Pol awaits state ruling on licensing complaint
Michigan veterinarian faces two charges, including negligence and incompetence.

Exclusive report: New complaint filed against Dr. Pol
National Geographic's star veterinarian faces another investigation by the Michigan State Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Board.

Controversial veterinarian releases book
Reality star Jan Pol, DVM’s memoirs hit the shelves in August.

'The Incredible Dr. Pol' captures record-setting ratings in fourth season
Jan Pol, DVM, continues to practice "old-school" veterinary medicine on reality show many veterinary professionals find subpar.

Mind Over Miller: Dr. Pol, please get up-to-date

Timeline: The case of Mocha

Pol stands by 'old school' approach to veterinary practice
Incredible Dr. Pol star unfazed by probation, professional scrutiny.

Dr. Pol, reality TV veterinarian, fined and placed on probation for negligence, incompetence
National Geographic says disciplinary action will not affect the highly rated show.

Veterinarian stars in National Geographic Wild reality series called 'The Incredible Dr. Pol'

Photo gallery: Who is Dr. Pol?