Comprehensive coverage of soring in the walking horse industry and efforts to end the practice

Comprehensive coverage of soring in the walking horse industry and efforts to end the practice

dvm360 continues to cover Horse Protection Act violations and legislation that aims to amend the 1970 law.
Apr 10, 2014
By staff

Bill backed by walking horse group introduced to counter anti-soring legislation
AVMA cites bipartisan support for PAST Act, says new bill just a diversion.

See the full list of endorsements for the PAST Act

DeHaven takes on walking horse industry over soring on behalf of AVMA, AAEP
American Veterinary Medical Association executive vice president testifies at congressional hearing for house bill.

Tennessee walking horse group finally accepts federal soring protocol
S.H.O.W horse industry organization carries out inspections in conjunction with USDA veterinary medical officers during National Celebration event.

AVMA/USDA inspection video shows apparent footage of horse soring violations
USDA video released to AVMA was posted, but retracted at the USDA's request.

SLIDESHOW: USDA seizes 19 horses from Tennessee walking horse trainer in raid
Larry Wheelon charged with aggravated animal cruelty relating to soring.

Walking horse trainer charged with aggravated cruelty after USDA raid
Veterinarian, investigators seize 19 horses found to be sore in Larry Wheelon's barn.

USDA issues decertification notice to horse industry organizations
Groups challenge amended regulations to Horse Protection Act regarding soring.

U.S. Reps. from Tennessee and Kentucky sponsor H.R. 6388 to amend Horse Protection Act
Amendments aim to increase protection against equine soring.

Tennessee walking horse trainer pleads guilty to charges of soring
Undercover investigation reveals abusive practices; multiple violations of Horse Protection Act cited.