Cornell nails $10 million in funding for new canine genomics program

Gift ranks as largest for veterinary college
Sep 16, 2010
By staff
Ithaca, N.Y.—Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine received a $10 million donation to fund the world's first canine genomics program.

The single largest gift in the college's history came from an anonymous university trustee and will go toward financing faculty-start ups, DNA sequencing and the DNA Bank.

Established in 2006, the DNA Bank archives thousands of genetic samples from pedigree dogs. Researchers are analyzing the collection to find specific genes that result in susceptibility to certain diseases and provide a better understanding of how cancer and other diseases affect humans and animals.

The initial investment will go toward recruiting a tenured-track faculty member in biostatistics to lead the comparative genomics effort. Once he or she is hired, the college will begin searching for a second faculty position in cancer biology, the university reports.