Corrected table for September DVM canine epilepsy article

Oct 28, 2012
By staff

In the article "Canine epilepsy treatment: Phenobarbital vs. bromide," by Drs. Pierre Bichsel and Ronald Lyman that appeared on pages 1S-2S of the September 2012 issue of DVM Newsmagazine, the drug dosages in Table 2 ("Therapeutic recommendations for phenobarbital and bromide in dogs") are incorrect. The corrected dosages for phenobarbital and bromide are highlighted in red in the table below. Please refer to these corrections in lieu of the dosages that appeared in the September issue.

We apologize for any incovenience this may have caused.

If you have further questions, here is a link to the original study upon which this article was based (log in to get the full text, including dosage information):