Crafting the client experience to achieve business success

Matt Meeker, co-founder of the house call veterinary service BarkCare, advises other entrepreneurs to center their energies on serving clients and their needs—the specifics will come later. Listen as he explains this process.
Jun 15, 2014
By staff

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Matt Meeker, CEO of BarkCare, sat down for a chat about his booming business with our own Portia Stewart. Click next to listen in on clips from the interview.

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Meeker describes BarkCare's pricing strategy as "transparent." Listen to find out why.

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Wondering how BarkCare veterinarians get from one location to the next? Hear Meeker explain the helpful tool they use to achieve this.

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Meeker advises other entrepreneurs to focus on creating a wonderful experience for your clients—the rest will come later. How do you offer that to them? Listen as he explains.

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Find out how BarkCare's services help traditional veterinary clinics.

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The inspiration for BarkCare came from Meeker's dog, Hugo. But Meeker says it also takes someone with a certain type of personality to start a business. Hear what this important trait is.