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August 2014

With the popular Veterinary Medicine Clinical Techniques Courses, you get hands-on training from specialists in areas ranging from ultrasound procedures to ophthalmic surgery.

Schedule of Clinical Techniques Courses

August 2014

View a schedule of the CVC Kansas City hands-on Clinical Techniques Courses.

Basic Abdominal Ultrasonography

August 2014

Imaging specialists will teach the basics of ultrasound imaging. You will work with live animals to learn techniques for identifying and examining the major abdominal organ systems using the latest ultrasound equipment.

Dental Essentials in Dogs and Cats

August 2014

The most commonly requested dental procedures are combined in this all-day hands-on Clinical Techniques Course.

Eyelid and Corneal Repair Surgeries

August 2014

Attend this hands-on course and learn the latest techniques and tips in performing practical eyelid and corneal surgeries.

Cytologic Interpretation of Solid Lesions, Tissues and Fluids

August 2014

Are you taking advantage of one of the most useful diatnostic procedures that can be performed in your clinic? Attend this couse and practice and hone your cytologic interpretation skills.

Vital Soft Tissue Surgeries: All About Cats

August 2014

Learn the basics or tweak your techniques for some of the most frequently needed soft tissue surgeries in your feline patients.

Essential Orthopedic Surgeries in Dogs

August 2014

In this course you will review and practice indispensable veterinary orthopedic surgeries and take home the skills you can use to improve outcomes for patients that require orthopedic surgical intervention.

Intermediate Abdominal Ultrasonography

August 2014

This lab is for practitioners who already know the basics of ultrasound equipment and the ultrasonographic appearance of normal and diseased organs. Imaging specialists will help you take your knowledge to the next level.


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