Dechra's muricin topical treatment for canines

Dechra's muricin topical treatment for canines

Oct 01, 2007
By staff

Veterinarian-approved MURICIN™ Ointment was launched by Dechra Veterinary Products to treat canine bacterial skin infections, including superficial pyroderma.

Water-removable, the topical treatment contains 2 percent mupirocin, a naturally occurring, broad-spectrum antibiotic that fights various gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. MURICIN Ointment also is approved to treat superficial pyroderma, caused by strains of Staphylococcus aureus and Staphylococcus intermedius.

"The introduction of MURICIN strengthens our dermatological line and provides veterinarians with a reliable product for their patients," says Mike Eldred, president of Dechra's U.S. operations. "Additionally, MURICIN provides the opportunity to increase our profile and brand awareness within the U.S. veterinary market prior to the approval of our internally developed veterinary products, Vetoryl® (trilostane), Felimazole® (methimazole) and Equidone® (domperidone).

A leader in veterinary health care in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe, Dechra is focused on bringing excellence to animal health care by providing an effective range of veterinary-approved products.

MURICIN comes in 15-g tubes and can be used twice a day to treat the infected area; however, maximum duration should not exceed 30 days.

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