Disney honors parasitologist with $20,000 gift to University of Florida

Disney honors parasitologist with $20,000 gift to University of Florida

May 02, 2010
By dvm360.com staff
Gainesville, Fla. -- Disney awarded a $20,000 gift to the University of Florida (UF) veterinary college’s Continuing Education Fund in honor of UF Professor Ellis Greiner, a parasitologist who helped establish a partnership between UF and Disney’s Animal Kingdom 10 years ago.

The contribution will expand that partnership by compensating additional UF veterinary faculty, residents, interns and staff who want to participate in educational opportunities at Disney, says UF spokeswoman Sarah Carey.

The award also serves as recognition for Greiner, who in addition to working as a parasitologist for the Animal Kingdom, helped mentor and inspire other Disney veterinarians, says Scott Terrell, veterinary pathologist and operations manager for Disney’s department of animal health.

“He’s always been the guy we would call who would call us right back,” Terrell says. “We knew he could help us administer the money, would be a good ally and would help us figure out what needed to be done. So it was a combination of wanting to honor him and trusting him to help us get this program off the ground.”

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