DVM Newsmaker Summit makes debut at CVC East

Panel to take on 'five most pressing issues' for veterinary medicine
Jan 01, 2006
By dvm360.com staff

Veterinary medicine faces a myriad of challenges in 2006. From an increasingly aggressive animal welfare movement to dwindling state funds for veterinary colleges, the issues impact this profession in multi-faceted ways.

On April 3, (7:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. as part of the Central Veterinary Conference — East, Baltimore) a unique panel discussion, sponsored by DVM Newsmagazine, will take on the five most pressing issues facing veterinary medicine. The debut of DVM's Newsmaker Sum-mit will explore solutions with broad representation from thought-leaders in private veterinary practice, specialty practice, associations, academia and government.

Moderated by Washington litigator Kerry M. Richard, JD, of Tobin, O-Connor, Ewing and Richard, the goal is to address these critical professional issues.

The panelists include:
  • Dr. Lonnie King, director of Office of Strategy and Innovation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; dean Michigan State University:

Dr. Lonnie King

  • Dr. Bonnie Beaver, past-president of the American Veterinary Medical Association;

Dr. Bonnie Beaver

  • Dr. Jack O. Walther, Las Vegas practitioner and former president of AVMA;

Dr. Jack O. Walther

  • Dr. Joan Hendricks, dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine;

Dr. Joan Hendricks

  • Dr. Gary I. Block, an internal medicine specialist from Coventry, R.I.;

Dr. Gary I.Block

  • David M. Lane, practitioner/consultant from Carbondale, Ill.

Dr. David M. Lane

Historic Baltimore is the perfect venue for a first panel discussion destined to become part of the historic record.

For more information about CVC-East (March 31-April 3) go to http://www.thecvc.com/ (800) 255-6864, ext. 6; or via e-mail
. Daniel R. Verdon, editor