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AVMA continues arguments for antibiotics before Congress


Washington -- Representatives from the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) briefed Congress this week on the importance of antibiotics in veterinary medicine.
The discussions were aimed at helping members of Congress learn how veterinarians use antibiotics to keep both food animals and household pets disease-free.

Rep. Kurt Schrader, DVM (D-Ore.) and Sen. John Ensign, DVM (R-Nev.) -- the only veterinarians serving in Congress -- were the honorary hosts for the event. Dr. Lloyd Keck, a global animal health consultant to the poultry industry and former AVMA Congressional Science Fellow, spoke on behalf of livestock medicine. Dr. Rene Carlson, former Wisconsin Veterinarian of the Year and past vice president of the AVMA, explained the role of antibiotics in treating household pets.

The briefings were part of the AVMA’s continued efforts to educate Congress about the complexity and importance of treating America’s animals. The AVMA says it is strongly opposed to H.R. 1549 and S. 619, the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment ACT (PAMTA). AVMA scientific experts have twice testified before Congress that broad antibiotic bans like PAMTA would have adverse effects on animal and public health.


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