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7 ways to promote dental care compliance
When it comes to client communications about oral health, it's as much how you say it and what you say


When it comes to dentistry, without great communication there will not be effective compliance. Without compliance, the patient, client and practice lose. This is our daily reality. It's a shame our patients can't make treatment decisions for themselves. In the real world, we need the client to say "yes" to recommended therapy plans. When a client doesn't comply with our treatment or prevention recommendations, we often chalk it up to unavailable finances, but is that the real reason?

Compliance seems to depend on what and, more important, how treatment recommendations are presented. The University of California Los Angeles conducted a study on communication, which revealed that the actual words spoken contribute only seven percent to a person's decision. How the words are said and the body language and gestures that are used comprise 93 percent of the influence in the decision-making process. Veterinarians need to improve their overall presentation of treatment and management recommendations if they hope to influence their clients' decisions.

When it comes to dental care, client compliance is everything. Convincing pet owners of the value of daily teeth brushing, regular oral examinations and dental cleanings (requiring the dreaded general anesthesia) can mean the difference in a patient's overall health and well-being. Easing client confusion, frustration and genuine concerns regarding home care and dental procedures is the key to solidifying client trust and compliance. Here are some communication ideas that will improve your clients' understanding and increase your dental treatment plan's acceptance.


Source: DVM360 MAGAZINE,
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