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Study analyzes potential EPM treatments


East Lansing, Mich. - Scientists at Michigan State University are testing the efficacy of pyrantel tartrate as a potential preventive treatment against Sarcocystis neurona in horses.

Pyrantel tartrate, the active ingredient in Strongid® C (Pfizer, Inc.) an anthelmintic feed supplement to protect against strongyle worms, may effectively prevent S. neurona infection in horses by killing sporozoites as they hatch in the gut, according to researchers.

Leading the research are Elizabeth Kruttlin, DVM, and Linda Mansfield, DVM, both at MSU, who have tested the efficacy of the active ingredient of Strongid C against the merozoite stage of the parasite, which affects the brain and spinal cord of the horse. In this stage, the drug works effectively. Scientists plan to conduct further testing to determine the impact of the drug on the stage which develops in the intestinal tract.


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