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Examples of issues to track on green sheets in your veterinary hospital
Here are some issues currently on my green sheets.


Here are some issues currently on my green sheets.

  • Cognitive dysfunction syndrome: various treatment strategies
  • Canine pancreatic lipase immunoreactivity (cPLI) and NT-proBNP tests: sensitivity and specificity
  • Cruciate repair: short- and long-term issues with TPLO, TTA and various extracapsular techniques
  • Vinblastine as a preemptive presurgical chemotherapeutic agent for mast cell tumors
  • Doxorubicin plus cisplatin for osteosarcoma
  • Feline cardiac disease: therapeutic plans and long-term outcomes
  • Neuroactive drugs in dogs and cats: comparing lorazepam to alprazolam, diazepam and midazolam
  • Behavioral drugs: comparing fluoxetine with clomipramine
  • Generic drugs vs. legend drugs: comparing pancreatic products, cyclosporine, neuroactive drugs, compounded drugs, Internet-sourced drugs and veterinary vs. human sources
  • Sutures: comparing various materials used in similar situations
  • Antibiotic selection: long-acting vs. assorted b.i.d. products
  • NSAID family: efficacy, safety and cost (yes, there are major differences)
  • Demodicosis long-term project: ivermectin vs. amitraz
  • Perianal assortment: cryotherapy, plus or minus immune drugs
  • Reliability of an assortment of glucometers
  • Cushing's disease diagnostics and management: diagnostic and treatment tactics
  • Vaginal cytology vs. luteinizing hormone vs. progesterone
  • Feline urologic syndrome: individual analgesics vs. other therapies
  • Preventive dental care: fluoride, chlorhexidine, Biotene, manual care, water additives
  • Glaucoma diagnostics: Schiotz vs. electronics such as TonoVet and Tono-Pen
  • Blood pressure diagnostics: Parks system vs. others
  • Long-term pain management: added amantadine vs. gabapentin
  • Cancer management: metronomic chemotherapy (we have seven years of data)
  • Upper motor neuron disease tracking via necropsy
  • Gonitis: tracking long-term effects of low-dose aspirin.


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