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Face off
DVM Newsmagazine survey explores generational differences in the changing market


With nearly thirty years between them, it's no surprise that Dr. Jonathan Walker and Dr. James Bianco have their differences.

Walker, a 29-year-old associate veterinarian in Colchester, Conn., enjoys building computers in his spare time, but would never dream of using e-mail to communicate with his clients. He thinks younger veterinarians need to be given a hard time in order to succeed.

Bianco, a 55-year-old practice owner in Ardmore, Pa., has employed many younger-generation veterinarians and currently has three on staff who have been in practice less than 10 years. But he would never characterize new graduates of being lazy or having a poor work ethic.

The stories of the two men illustrate the generational interplay now taking place in many practices across the country.

Follow the links below to read each man's story and to learn more about different generations and what makes them tick.

Generation X, 29 years old, associate veterinarian

Baby Boomer, 55 years old, practice owner


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