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Wisconsin committee to discuss Chronic Wasting Disease


Fitchburg, Wis. - 7/20/07 - Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) management is moving forward in Wisconsin with the Department of Natural Resources' first organizational meeting to discuss future action.

Scheduled for July 21, the Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting goal is to engage a diverse group of people in a dialogue to guide DNR on how to minimize CWD's impact on the Wisconsin deer population, the economy, hunters, landowners and others who benefit from a healthy deer herd.

The committee will meet monthly for the next seven months to learn more about CWD and its effects on the state deer herd and discuss concerns, challenges and recommendations for disease management.

The meeting was arranged after surveys found that the current strategies have not reduced the deer herd as much as needed and did not receive as much statewide support as hoped for by DNR.

Aimed to have 18 to 20 members, the group will have representatives from the Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association, Wisconsin Farm Bureau, State Medical Society, Conservation Congress and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, among others.


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