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Where did I go wrong?
Wanda Sample spurs spurious ethical dilemma.


Not an hour went by before Izzy Serious called to ask for my help. "It's pretty cold outside, Doctor, and there is a stray cat in my neighborhood that I feel sorry for. At least, I'm pretty sure it's a cat. It might be a groundhog or a raccoon. Anyway, I've seen him prowling out in the woods behind my house, but I've never been able to get close to him. Could you go out there some night this week after dark and try to get a look at him. Take a powerful flashlight. If you could get a look at him and if he seems healthy, then maybe you could trap him for me, and I could give him a home."

This request called for a special meeting. I went all the way to the "snowball's chance in hell" department.

Dr. Obenski owns the Allentown Clinic for Cats in Allentown, Pa.


Source: DVM360 MAGAZINE,
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