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'Three strikes' helps reduce stress, improve efficiencies
Employee accountability can help promote, encourage 'awareness'


A name to a "face"

We do not recall the origination of this next tip, but it was from outside the veterinary profession. It addresses a common practice manager concern: abused and broken equipment. Medical equipment is often quite delicate and expensive to repair. As a veterinarian, it causes me great angst to see broken fibers in an expensive endoscope or to find basic items of equipment, such as hoof testers and twitches, left carelessly in an aisle, on the floor or even outside in the parking lot.

An owner's nerves must twitch when hearing the copy machine's lid slam abruptly.

Employees consider equipment (whether computer, medical or otherwise) as inanimate objects. Employee respect sometimes seems lacking for all sorts of expensive and necessary equipment, such as ultrasound probes, X-ray machines, delicate ophthalmic instrumentation, endoscopes and practice vehicles.

You might want to try this: Consider naming your equipment with human monikers and place name labels on particularly valuable items. Recently, we upgraded our expensive copy machine. It was immediately baptized "Roz" and replaces our prior machine that has been moved to a new use, and copies to the name of Alfie.

We are sure your employees will come up with additional great ideas that help keep the practice orderly, clean and less stressful. Granted, some days will be better than others, but think how much easier all will go when you can locate a stethoscope where you need it and when you need it, or know plenty of clean towels are available and neatly stacked in the laundry room when the emergency C-section arrives at 2 a.m.

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