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The top five reasons cat owners don't comply
Strengthen your patient care by eliminating these common reasons for client noncompliance.

DVM Best Practices

In addition, use your reminder system for more than just vaccinations—remind clients of upcoming lab work or medication refills and reiterate the key points of preventive treatments. You can also cover important topics by sending out newsletters or updating your Web site.

Although it's unrealistic to think you can make every single feline client comply with all of your recommendations, you can maximize the number of clients who do comply. If you state your recommendations clearly, explain their importance, and make it easier for clients to heed your advice, they won't have a reason to do anything but comply.

Dr. Karen E. Felsted is a practice management consultant at Brakke Consulting, Inc. in Dallas, Texas and a member of Veterinary Economics' Editorial Advisory Board. Dr. Felsted holds a veterinary degree from Texas A&M University, a masters degree in Management and Administrative Science from the University of Texas at Dallas, and a marketing degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Source: DVM Best Practices,
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