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New strategies, technologies are helping the overpopulation war


When performed on a large scale, the success of such a program is felt at animal shelters where fewer cats are admitted for euthanasia. In addition, TNR has been shown to be more cost effective than trapping and euthanizing feral cats since most states require impoundment and holding prior to euthanasia and since private individuals frequently volunteer to trap cats for sterilization but not for euthanasia.

Relocation of feral cat colonies is almost always unsuccessful and is not advised since cats possess strong homing instincts and will try to return to their original home base.

TNR programs It is important to recognize that a TNR program alone cannot solve the problem of free-roaming cats in the face of continuous emigration from the owned cat population. They do, however, hold great merit as a legitimate response to existing colonies of cats with caretakers and raise public awareness of the welfare issues facing cats in this country. TNR programs emphasize to communities that cats require and deserve responsible care, including sterilization, vaccination, identification, and regular feeding, watering and shelter. Clearly, the bulk of the effort in combating feline overpopulation and feral cats must focus on prevention.

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