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Livestock shows: Commingling serves as recipe for infection, disease
Prepare to face off with swine flu, chronic bloat and other common illnesses


Meat goats, particularly the Boer breed, are gaining in popularity as show animals. These show animals are commonly over-conditioned, which can lead to fatty liver and possibly secondary cholangiohepatitis.

When the over-conditioned females become pregnant, the combination of large amounts of fat in the abdomen and twins or triplets in the uterus can lead to pregnancy toxemia.

Slow weight loss to more acceptable body conditions and proper gestational nutrition are important to prevent these problems.

Show pigs and viral diseases

The most common problems seen in show pigs are swine flu and transmissible gastroenteritis (TGE).

Most cases are mild and self-limiting, but they might require some supportive care. Isolation of sick pigs is important at the show and also once pigs return home.

Prudent drug use

It's important to know the drug testing procedures for the shows in the area so exhibitors can be counseled on proper drug use.

If an animal becomes sick and needs drug therapy, documentation is extremely important.

Food animal veterinarians should take the lead in teaching junior exhibitors proper drug use and handling as well as meat quality assurance guidelines.

Dr. Navarre works as an extension veterinarian with Louisiana State University's Department of Veterinary Science.


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