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Teacher or technician: exploring the DVM's changing role


While some farms want to do more procedures, others would like to do less. As I gave up palpations with some clients, I started dehorning calves or infusing pre-partum heifers for others. These farms were usually smaller operations struggling to get all the work done, and they were glad to pay me to do important procedures they simply did not get to in a timely manner.

The real key to a secure future with all of your clients is to know their needs, but more importantly, know their wants. They will make decisions based on what they want. They might want to avoid writing you a check for repairing displacements, or they might want to see their calves dehorned at an early age. They might have to rationalize to convince themselves that their wants are truly needs. Our challenge is to learn what they really want, and then be the resource that fulfills it.

Dr. Gardner is the business development manager for Agway Feed & Nutrition in eastern Pennsylvania. He also consults with dairy practitioners regarding practice management.


Source: DVM360 MAGAZINE,
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